Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Piggy Piggy Pig Pig

I saw a cute piggy soft toy and made a sketch of it. I tried to make it into a piggy sandwich but the sandwich didn't turn out to be as cute as the drawing. Room for improvement!

My kiddo actually told me it a difficult sandwich to make but I told her at least I tried.

I used ham and cream cheese as the bread fillings and from the sketch, i labeled the rest of the ingredients used in the picture.
The initial drawing was adorable but I think the nostrils of the sandwich is too prominent and so the sandwich didn't turn out the way I wanted. I guess I should have dug two holes on the snout to create the nostrils instead of using white cheese. 

Anyway, it was done and I didn't had time to change. So be it! As long as my kids eat everything in the box. Hee…

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Last Minute Dinosaur Sandwich

The small one has not fully recovered from her stomach flu so I wanted her some bread with grape jam to bring along in a sandwich bag today. The elder one said she didn't want any sandwiches but changed her mind this morning and I was only left with ten minutes to get their food ready. I dug out a dinosaur sandwich cutter and used a chopstick to poke the eyes and I was done! 

With time to spare, I decorated the sandwich bag warning them of danger in the bag. Hehehe....

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Mr Lee K Y

Singapore mourns.

The teacher in school has been explaining to the class who Mr Lee Kuan Yew was and everyone in class will be making a card for Mr Lee in class today. 

Someone suggested to me to make a sandwich in remembrance of Mr LKY and I came up with the sandwich today.

I have never made a sad character sandwich for my kiddos and for the first time I need to show them that the whole country is grieving for the loss of a great leader.

The sandwich, with peanut butter grape filling, depicting a little girl crying, holding on to a Singapore flag.

I asked my kid to let her classmates guess what does 'MM' on the sandwich stands for and see how many gets it correct. 
MM, our Minister Mentor

It is him who turned the tiny dot on the map into a metropolis. Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore.

Thank you, Mr Lee.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sleepy Rabbits = Sleepy Me

Gosh! A week of school holidays gone in a flash! My small kiddo is down with a bad stomach flu and I am so tired. My house looks as though a tornado came by but so be it. I am jut glad that the high fever is gone.

I was not able to prepare any food for my other kid yesterday and made it a point to make one for her today. 

I made a sandwich that totally reflects how I am feeling. Mummy rabbit sleeping with baby rabbit!!! *yawn*

It is a hotdog bun and I used a slice of cheese as their blanket and the 2 rabbits snuggled up comfortably in a yellow blanket.
I want to be the mummy rabbit sleeping comfortably in bed
The sick kiddo saw her sister's sandwich and wanted one but she couldn't even eat much. Guess she won't be ring to school again tomorrow. Anyway I told her I will make something for her when she is better. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Silly Smily Cat Sandwich Tutorial

I decided to share this to show that you can actually make a sandwich from a simple cute image that you come across in your daily life. I saw a picture of this cute lovable soft toy and decided to make it into a sandwich for the kids. All I need are my usual tools : mental ring mold, a pair of sharp scissors and a pair of tweezer.
Start by drawing the picture on a piece of paper using the mental ring mold as a guide for the size of the sandwich. This gives an estimate on the size of the features of the cat. 

Step 1 : Use a mental ring to cut the bread (any type of filling you like). 

Step 2 : Cut the shape of the mouth on a piece of white cheese.  If you are unsure how to do it, simply cut your drawing and place the mouth on top of the cheese slice(with the plastic covering still intact) and make a outline on the cheese using a toothpick. Proceed to cut the cheese into the shape required. Use a pair of scissors to cut some dried seaweed for the outline of the mouth, eyes and whiskers. I did all the cutting the night before and kept them in the sandwich box. The cheese went to the fridge of course!

Step 3 : Cut out the shape of the ears for the cat using the scissors. 'Glue' the cheese to the bread by putting some jam on the bread.

Step 4 : Dab some of mayonnaise on the dried seaweed and 'paste' the eyes and whiskers to the bread. I didn't bother to stick the ears and simply put it in a box that fits nicely. You can also choose use more jam to 'stick' the ears.

And it is completed! 

I must say it is easy to put together as long as the preparation work is done the day before. I have roughly 40mins to get everything done in the morning. Everything includes getting myself and the kids ready. 

Practice makes perfect!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Silly Smily Cat

I saw a cat soft toy somewhere with a big silly smile plastered on its face and thought it looked very adorable. I made it into a sandwich for the kids and they were happy to see the smily cat  in the morning. I will share with you on how to make this cat sandwich in another post. 

I added their favorite almond biscuits and some fruits to the box. There are still a few leftover mandarin oranges from CNY and I hope this is the last time I am putting orange slices into the box. My customers are complaining that they are sick of the oranges already.  
I hope the BIG SILLY smile brighten up your day too! 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Tiny Chum Sandwich

I was looking for inspirations to make a sandwich and saw my kids' Hello Kitty cup on the table.  There were Hello Kitty and her friends printed on the cup. I decided to make a bear sandwich since I have some wholemeal bread. A teddy bear caught my eyes and I went to ask my best friend Google to find out the name of the bear. The bear is called Tiny Chum. 

I used peanut butter grape jam for the filling and cheese for the nose area. Dried seaweed used for the nose, eyes and ears. As for the dotted lines on the face, I used a fork to poke the dots. I have to admit the lines are not very straight but as long as it is recognizable. Hee…

As usual, I have to make 2 set for 2 kids. I added an egg with sauce and colorful cereals as requested by my 2 customers.  My kids do not know the name of this bear but now they do!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Cute Sandwich Bags for Learning Journey

The kids are going for the Learning Journey today and the usual sleepy head was soooo excited that she woke up at 5am. After failing to wake her sister, she squirreled under my sheets trying to wake her parents instead. Sorry but I just continued sleeping. Hahaha…

I don't make any sandwich for them today since they are going out. The sandwiches would be distorted by the time they have a break. I bought buns from a bakery and put them into very cute animal bags that were meant for rice balls. 

They were so excited to choose the designs this morning. These bags are not cheap so I only use them when they go for school excursion. Love these bags not only because they are so cute but the design enable my kids to eat the food without touching the food at all. Clean! 

They took the blue elephant and brown bear today. I am only left with 2 more bags for their next excursion. 

Don't you agree that the bags are super duper cute?

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mango Pomelo Dessert

No sandwich for school today! Hee…so I made dessert instead. 

My elder kid will always order the Mango Pomelo dessert from Tim Ho Wan. It's her favorite but the mango bits are always so pathetic that I can rarely see any sizable bits of mango. 

It is CNY period and I have a pomelo in the house. Best to turn it into Mango Pomelo Sago dessert. I will usually make this dessert during Mid-Autumn festival and CNY because these are the times when I will have a pomelo sitting at home. Hahaha.

Using only one mango, I made 4 bowls of dessert with lots of mango chunk't even have half the amount of mango that I put into one bowl but but but…the dessert shops need to pay rent, staff, overheads etc. 

Whenever I eat mangoes, I will always remember the endless craving for mangoes when I was pregnant. There was this colleague who would asked her mum to buy tons of fresh mangoes from the market and brought it all the way to the office for me. Always remember others' kindness to you. This colleague is now a long time old friend. I made these for her family this morning and hope she likes it. I kept some for my kids as after lunch dessert too!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Meh Meh(Sheep) Sandwich

I made this sandwich couple of times before. The kids wanted a sheep sandwich and I was too lazy to think of a new design so I decided to recycle my old idea. Hee….

I still have quail eggs so I wanted to use all up 

My sister said it looked abit like a Monkey *sweat* but all the kids in school guessed correctly as a sheep. Identity crisis averted.
Coming Thursday is the last day of CNY. Not sure if I want to come up with more Sheep/Goat/Ram sandwich designs. Brain dead for now….

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies

Shops are selling Easter chocolate eggs and bunnies already! Easter is coming! 

The kids wanted an animal sandwich today. I decided to load the sandwich box with bunnies. Peanut butter grape jam bunny sandwich with a smiley face. Initially, my sandwich design only had eyes and a nose but one of my kids asked why the rabbit had no mouth. Customers are always right! I added a smile for the rabbit. 
I made 2 small rabbits using quail eggs and spent a lot of time doing it. Gosh! I really do not like to make small small things. The small eyes were difficult to cut or maybe I was just clumsy. Since I have plenty of mandarin oranges at home, I added few slices of oranges and a small grape. I have used a rabbit sticker on their favorite chocolate biscuit (biscuit with lots of love all the way from Japan)! 

Chinese New Year is not over yet and I said I will make Meh Meh sandwich soon. Tomorrow it shall be!