Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies

Shops are selling Easter chocolate eggs and bunnies already! Easter is coming! 

The kids wanted an animal sandwich today. I decided to load the sandwich box with bunnies. Peanut butter grape jam bunny sandwich with a smiley face. Initially, my sandwich design only had eyes and a nose but one of my kids asked why the rabbit had no mouth. Customers are always right! I added a smile for the rabbit. 
I made 2 small rabbits using quail eggs and spent a lot of time doing it. Gosh! I really do not like to make small small things. The small eyes were difficult to cut or maybe I was just clumsy. Since I have plenty of mandarin oranges at home, I added few slices of oranges and a small grape. I have used a rabbit sticker on their favorite chocolate biscuit (biscuit with lots of love all the way from Japan)! 

Chinese New Year is not over yet and I said I will make Meh Meh sandwich soon. Tomorrow it shall be!