Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Garfield Sandwich Tutorial (Level:Difficult)

My kids were whining that I make them a Garfield sandwich for school. They have been reading a lot of Garfield comic books and watching Garfield on TV.

I have been using the delay tactics and finally no running away. I have to do it!

I made the Garfield face on cheese the night before and it took me almost an hour to make 2 Garfield faces on cheese. Gosh! A lot of patience required.

This is not an easy tutorial and takes some time(and alot of patience too!).

Ingredients -
2 slices of cheddar cheese
1 slice of mozzarella cheese
2 slices of bread
Bread filling of choice
Dried seaweed

Tools -
A sheet of clean white paper
Mental ring bread cutter
A pair of sharp scissors
A pair of tweezer
A toothpick
A butter knife

Steps -
1. Draw a Garfield picture (size must be the same as the metal ring bread cutter) and cut out the eyes and ears from the drawing.
2. Placed the cut out ears on the cheese and draw on the Mozzarella cheese using a toothpick. Do the same for the eyes and nose.  
3. Using the metal ring, cut the cheddar cheese. Assemble the nose and eyes on the cheddar cheese.
4. Cut 6 small triangles(like Christmas tree) from the dried seaweed and form the strips of Garfield around the face.
5. You need a thin long strips of seaweed for the center and 2 small oval for the eyes. 
6. Cut another 2 long strips of seaweed to form the mouth(this is the difficult part). As you stick the seaweed onto the cheese, the seaweed will soften due to the moisture form the cheese and you will be able to bend the seaweed to a curved line.

Step 1 to 6 should be done the night before unless you are keen to wake up an hour earlier to make this sandwich.

7. Fill bread with desired fillings.
8. Cutting the mental ring bread cutter, cut the bread like the picture show below but do not cut all the way. You need to leave the top part for the ears of Garfield.

9. Put the ears made of cheese on the bread and cut out the shape on the bread using a butter knife.
10. Place the Garfield cheese on top of the bread and you should get the image below.
The sandwich box is completed with an egg, a jelly, a small packet of nuts and a small chocolate treat. Of course I gave them a packet of milk to go along as they were having lunch in school
I hate Mondays!!! But it is not Monday…

The completed work.