Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Shopkins - Cupcake Queen & Pretzel Sandwich

The kids were eagerly waiting for the launch of the new season of Shopkins toy. They already bought some but they kept hoping that they could get the Cupcake Queen in the mystery pack. Unfortunately, no such luck yet. They would tell me their friend, so and so, has the Cupcake Queen(a rare collectable), or so and so has the whole collection of the Shopkins etc. Well, I am certainly not into the endless madness of buying all the Shopkins and they have to learn to save up on their own for more. 

Cupcake Queen
I thought the best I can do is to make them a Shopkins sandwich instead of buying more and more toys. Of course they favorite, Cupcake Queen.  I used yellow butter bread and filled the bread with ham. Cheese for the frosting and cheddar cheese for the triangle crown. I didn't have any colorful sprinkles at home so I cut the colorful strips of candy to bits. The color differed from the original character and but the kids recognized the character instantly and that is good enough for me.

My small one was the first to see the sandwich this morning. She let out squeals of delight and hurriedly drag her sister to check out the sandwich.

Shopkins - Pretzel
Her exact words, "Omg, it's Cupcake Queen!"

The 'cupcake' is not early big and they are staying late in school today so I made another Shopkins character, Pretzel to go along. I used a cookie cutter to cut the yellow cheddar cheese to make Pretzel.

It is really time consuming to make 2 characters sandwich during the morning rush. Even though I prep all the stuff the night before, I was still doing a rush job this morning.

Oops! The box was full just with the two sandwiches so I had to separate the quail eggs and cherries into another box.
Ta-da! Their sandwiches today! I really hope they don't drop the box so that the sandwich can remain intact for them to show their friends during recess. 

They wanted the Cupcake Queen so badly, and now they have it! In their tummies! Hahaha….

Lotsa love from Mummy!