Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cutie Hamster Sandwich

My kids got two hamsters last the weekend and they are super excited about their new pets. The kids requested for a hamster sandwich to bring to school today.  I made this ham and cheese sandwich to keep them happy. They are Fluffy and Almond, their last known names. My kids keep changing the names of their pets and I cannot keep up. Fluffy and Almond, so be it!

I saw some Sumikko gurashi merchandise and one of the animals looked like a hamster to me. Not too sure if it was a hamster but it was round and chubby so I took the hamster sandwich idea from there.  

I used milk bread for this sandwich but frankly, I think wholemeal bread is healthier and will look nicer.  I added grapes, quail eggs and a piece of chocolate biscuits to go along.

Below are some pictures I took when designing the sandwich. It is not a step-by-step tutorial but it will give you a rough idea how it is done. 
The End Product
I used my usual round metal bread cutter and turned it to an oval shape. Using seaweed puncher, I punched out the nose, eyes and whiskers. However, I used a pair of scissors to cut out the paws of the hamster. 

I used the butter knife to cut the pointed ears on the bread.

Dab strawberry jam as blusher and its done. 

It looks like a mouse to me. Anyway, hamsters belong to the rodent family. They are all alike to me. At least, my kids told me that their friends know that it is a hamster sandwich, not a mouse sandwich. Hahaha…

Maybe I should try to make another hamster sandwich that looks more like a hamster instead of a mouse. 

Looking forward to the weekend!

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