Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Monday, 4 May 2015

Sandwiches for April 2015

Sandwiches for April 2015
April was a lazy month for me. I didn't come up with many creations and in fact repeated the buns and croissants sandwich because they were just too convenient, not to mention the use of sandwich cutters too!

I think my favorite is the Mamegoma seal but my big one preferred the Croissant Monster and the small one voted for the Decks of Cards, perhaps it was more colorful.

Anyway, I will try to make more cute sandwiches for my kids next month! 

Promise! Promise!

What Animal Is This?

Start of a new month and exam is here soon. Stress…Stress….Stress….

The kids wanted a bunny sandwich AGAIN but I thought otherwise. I saw a really cute picture of a raccoon on a baby toy and decided to make it into a sandwich. I drew the picture on a piece of paper and cut out the seaweed on the cheese. I gathered all my round and circular molds to create the raccoon eyes and nose on the cheese. Took me awhile to cut the seaweed and I was wondering if the final product would turn out cute.

As usual, I used my trusty round mental ring again cut the bread that was filled with peanut butter jam.

I personally find it very adorable. However, my kids didn't know what the animal was. One thought it was a panda and the other said it was a bear wearing eye mask. *sweat*

I told them it is supposed to be a raccoon!!!

This sandwich is definitely not Kung Fu Panda wannabe, ok! It is a RACCOON!
It gives me the inspiration to make a panda sandwich for the kids next time.
Raccoons or bears, they are just adorable!