Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Friday, 14 October 2016

Pikachu Sandwich No. 3 (Again!)

Finally I got myself to make sandwich again. This is the 3rd Pikachu sandwich and I guess I need to make another character soon. My kids were saying 'Pikachu again?' when they saw me making the sandwich. This sandwich is definitely more challenging than the last 2 Pikachu sandwiches I made with the use of more dried seaweed to create the Pikachu with folded paws. I will share this sandwich making tutorial in another post.
I wanted the kids to try some greens but I guess they will be super generous to share all the lettuce with their friends. I hope by seeing their friends munching the vegetables, some will go into my kids' tummy also.  *fingers crossed*
I added lettuce, ham bits, egg and their favourite, dried cranberries! They love the Japanese soy salad sauce and I have packed into a separate piggy container.  Sweet stuff a must to entice my kids to finish everything in the box, so I have to squeeze in 2  little white balls of marshmallow into the box.
Looking at the past 2 sandwiches, I think today's sandwich is the cutest of them all!
What do you think?

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