Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Pikachu Sandwich - Step By Step Tutorial (Easy)

Time to share the making of the Pikachu sandwich. I labelled it as easy because you do not need a lot of tools to get it done. I spent less than half an hour to complete the Pikachu on the 2 slices of cheese.

Tools Required -
1. A pair of scissors
2. A toothpick
3. A pair of tweezers
3. A small straw

Ingredients -
1. 2 slices of bread
2. 1 slice of cheddar cheese
3. Dried seaweed
4. Red strip candy / tomato sauce
5. 1 slice of white cheese

I drew the Pikachu on a piece of paper that fit the size of the cheese. You can always print from the Internet if you are too lazy to draw.

 Step 1 -  Cut out the shape of Pikachu and placed it on top of the cheese slice. Use a toothpick and outline the picture on the cheese. Dot of the eyes, nose and mouth to make markings on the cheese.

Remove the plastic covering of the cheese and use the toothpick to outline the picture on the cheese again.
Step 2 -  Cut out the eyes of the Pikachu on the paper. Using it as a guide, cut out dried seaweed in the exact same shape as the eyes and placed on the seaweed. You should know where to place the eyes as there should be marking made on the cheese in Step 1.
You can use the paper as a guide as well.
Step 3- Use a small straw and poke on a slice of white cheese. If you do not have any white cheese, simply replace the white cheese with a small piece of flatten white bread.

Using the tweezers, place the white dot of cheese on the eyes

Step 4 - Cut a small oval on the red candy strip for the red cheeks of Pikachu. If you are unable to get hold of such candy, you can use a piece of crabstick or even some red jam as replacement. It will be more tricky to use jam as it might slide off the cheese. My kids do not like crabstick so I had to use the strip of candy instead.

Step 5 - Cut a small triangle for the nose and a wavy shape for the mouth. Add some seaweed to the tip of the ears as well. Always compare the seaweed shape to the drawing or printout for a more accurate picture.
And your completed Pikachu on a slice of cheese!
Lastly, you can add the paws of Pikachu with the extra cheese by cutting out 2 semi-circles with the toothpick. I kept the cheese in the fridge and just place it on the bread in the morning. Usually, I will throw all the leftover cheese as extra filling for the sandwich to reduce wastage.

So try it out!

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