Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween Sandwich - Ghost House 2017

Today is the last day of Halloween. I have been making Halloween sandwiches but didn't post them on the blog. What I did was pretty simple.

I did some seaweed cutting of a ghost house on a piece of cheddar cheese. i did this the night before ad simply placed it on the bread the following morning.

I only used 3 tools for this sandwich design. A pair of scissor, a old medicine bottle cap and a pair of tweezers. Using a old medicine bottle cap to cut the white cheese, it is a full moon with bats flying around!

The other item in the box that I want to share is the dead man's fingers. I cut away some part of the hot dog to make it look like finger nails. I also did some cuts on the hot dog to resemble the wrinkles on the fingers. Add the hot dog to boiling water for a while and you get really gruesome severed fingers. Add some tomato sauce to the fingers to level up on the horror!

A close up look at the severed fingers!

The final product!

Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Sandwich Making Workshop+ Step By Step Tutorial (Little Gal Sandwich)

Goodness! I realized I have not been updating my blog for almost 6 months! On and off I did make sandwiches but didn't bring myself to post on the blog. I was also recuperating at home last month . Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Finally got myself to sit in front of the PC to update my blog. Thanks to the motivation as a trainer for the recent sandwich making workshop. I was so excited to conduct a sandwich making workshop last week. 2 wonderful friends came and helped me with the workshop, if not, I wouldn't be able to cope on my own. I enjoyed myself and the participants had a great time too! I did a Step-By-Step course note for the workshop and now I will share it in this post. Let's take a look at a few pictures of the workshop before I share the course notes for the workshop.
There were more than 30 participants but my fingers were not fast enough to take picture of all the sandwiches! They all did an amazing job!!! Bravo!!!
The Beginning. Nope, I was not going for a vacation. My barang barang for the workshop was so heavy that I had a hard time getting the stuff to the office premises.
Doing the demo.

I was quite happy that the turnout was not 100% ladies.  Who says men cannot make cute sandwiches?My buddy that came all the way to help me with the workshop!!! Feel the love! Don't scold me, buddy...but I don't have the time to edit our picture.
Now the tutorial.....
Step By Step Tutorial for Little Girl Sandwich
Tools Needed –
Round Bread Cutting Mold
Seaweed Puncher
Butter knife

Ingredients –
2 Slices of Bread (preferably white bread)
Strawberry Jam
Dried Seaweed (Nori)
One slice of Cheddar Cheese
Half a slice of White Cheese

Step 1 - Cut out the parts of the drawing as shown.

Step 2 - Spread the jam in the center of bread. Go light on the sides to avoid a ‘bleeding’ sandwich.
Step 3 - Use the round mold and cut the bread.
You should get something like that.
Step 4 - Using a toothpick, trace the outline of the little girl’s hairband on the cheddar cheese (with the plastic covering).
Step 5 - Remove the top of the plastic covering and run over with the toothpick again.
You should get something like that. Place it on the bread.
Step 6 – Place the hair of the little girl over the nori and cut out the shape accordingly.

Step 7 – Punch the expression using the seaweed puncher. Dab some mayonnaise and place the eyes and mouth on the bread as shown.

You are free to express yourself.

You will be able to create different expressions using just one seaweed puncher. Inverted mouth makes a sad expression.

Step 8 - Using a toothpick, trace the hand of the little girl on the white cheese (similar to Step 4&5). 
Step 9 - Place the white cheese on the bread.
Step 10 – Dab some strawberry jam on the cheeks as blusher.
Step 11 – Add a bow or any decorations on the head.

 The little girl is supposed to be holding a flag holding the company's logo but I shall not post the picture with the flag here.

'Moon Cake' Tutorial (Super Easy)

I know, I know...Mid autumn festival is over for weeks and now I am posting this tutorial. Well, I was too caught up with work and didn't had the time to post. Better late than never (at least that's what I tell myself).

This is the simplest tutorial I can think of as long as you have the mooncake mold.

It looks very much like a mooncake except that it is a sandwich!!!
As I said, it is a super easy tutorial if you have the right tools. Using the top brown piece of bread, use the round cutter and cut out the bread.

Next, use the mooncake mold to 'print' on the bread. Yes! it is that simple!

You should get something below.

I used 3 slices of bread(including the top brown slice) to give the bread height of a mooncake. YOu can add at fillings you desire.

Finally, I added a piece of 'zhu zai' to the box. Platter up with fruits and it is ready to go.
Mooncake cheats! Hahaha...

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Rabbit Sandwich 2017 Tutorial (Level : Difficult)

When it comes to cutting seaweed for sandwiches, I will always put the level as difficult because it requires a lot of patience and care. The seaweed will be thin and flimsy, easily breakable at times and you need to be careful when handling the cut out seaweed pieces.

Tools Required -
1. A pair of sharp scissors
2. A pair of tweezers
3. A small straw
4. A butter knife

Ingredients Needed -
1. Two slices of bread
2. Breading filling of choice ( ham & cheese for this tutorial)
3. Dried seaweed
4. A dab of strawberry jam
I always make the sandwiches using the same method. Find a picture, draw the picture on a piece of paper and cut out it. For this sandwich, I used the cut out as a guide to cut my bread to the same shape. You can use the scissors or the knife to cut out the shape, whichever more comfortable to you). After that I used the dried seaweed and painstaking cut out the seaweed to form the outline of the rabbit, including the eyes and nose. I was so busy cutting and placing the seaweed that I forgot to take any pictures. My bad!
As shown in the picture, I used the straw (in red) to make the round dot on the rabbit's eyes.  
Finding the cheese was too thick, I cut it into halves and placed it on the rabbit's eyes.

Once you are done, you should get something like that.

As the bottom slice of bread need not be so precise in shape, it was only a very rough outline and you couldn't even see the bunny shape. Just need to use scissor or the knife to trim the bread to get the shape.
Place the ham and cheese between the bread and trim away the excess like what you did for the bottom slice of bread.
Pointers to Note : I do not like to throw away food so I put the excess bits back into the sandwich

I added some cheek colors to the rabbit using some strawberry jam. You can use the butter knife to do it but I used a chopstick to dab the 'blusher' on the rabbit instead.
I have added two quail eggs, sauce and some fruits to the box.
This should be your completed work!
Have a great day ahead!

Rabbit Sandwich 2017

I didn't make sandwiches since the start of school this year and is getting abit rusty. I have started on a part time job and need to spread out my time but nothing can be or should be more important than the well-being of my children. They were sick some weeks ago and lost some weight. I really need to pump them up with food.

I volunteered to let them choose a design from my sketchbook and the elder one chose a rabbit. She is going crazy over rabbits these days but I really cannot let her keep a real bunny at home. Well, a bunny sandwich is the least I can do.

I made their favorite ham and cheese sandwich yesterday and filled the box with quail eggs and fruits.
It is quite tedious to prepare the sandwich as I have not been touching my bento tools for months. The kids were so happy that I am making sandwiches for them again and their friends gathered around them to admire their sandwich during recess. Well, anything to make my kids happy.

I will share the tutorial for this sandwich in the next post.
Happy weekend, everyone!