Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sweet Little Girl Wearing a Head Scarf

The kids requested for a cute bunny sandwich again! But I decided against it. I wanted to make something different for my kiddos today. I made a little girl wearing a yellow head scarf. It is like two little girls' sandwich for my two little girls.

It was bread with ham and cheese filling and I used a round ring to cut the yellow cheese to form a head scarf. Added a bow and dried seaweed for the fringe and facial expression and I was done. It was quite simple and didn't take long.

I bought some Easter egg casing in form of a rabbit head from my favorite shop last week. Finally I am using it today with all things rabbit. I have jelly with rabbit stickers, rabbit sauce container and the rabbit egg casing.  
I don't have to think of how to decorate the plain egg anymore. I guess I will be using the egg casing quite often from now on. Must make full use of my purchase, right? Hee…
Really very sweet little girl sandwich, just like my little girls!

Lotsa love!