Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sleeping Bunny Hotdog Bun

Good Wednesday morning! 

After bringing mummy-made sandwiches to school on Monday, the kids' classmates commented that finally the mummy is making sandwiches again. Humm…did they miss seeing the cute sandwiches?

Possible ideas for the buns
I don't make hotdog bun for my kids very often but since I got some Ikea hotdog at home, I decided to make good use of it. I made a sketch of several possible designs for the bun and the kids unanimously voted for the sleeping rabbit. My personal favorite is the rabbit and cat friend but my customers are always right. Sleeping rabbit it shall be. 
My rabbits did not turn out exactly the way I sketched. I left out the 'blush' on the cheek because there wasn't any more space with the paw blocking the face. I added a small circle to the nose as the initial design was too simple. 
I made each rabbit using only one slice of cheese. Each kid wanted a different colored rabbit so I made use of 2 slices of cheese, Mozzarella cheese and Cheddar cheese. I used a rabbit head mold for the head and a toothpick to curve out the rabbit's body on the cheese. 

Not sure which is cuter but the yellow rabbit is definitely fatter than the white one. I was running out of mozzarella cheese and didn't want to use another slice. Hehehe…
Apart from the bun, I added grapes, quail eggs, a small biscuit and a candy to go along.

The final product of 2 sleeping bunnies! 

I hope the kids can finish everything in the box!