Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Friday, 6 March 2015

Cute Sandwich Bags for Learning Journey

The kids are going for the Learning Journey today and the usual sleepy head was soooo excited that she woke up at 5am. After failing to wake her sister, she squirreled under my sheets trying to wake her parents instead. Sorry but I just continued sleeping. Hahaha…

I don't make any sandwich for them today since they are going out. The sandwiches would be distorted by the time they have a break. I bought buns from a bakery and put them into very cute animal bags that were meant for rice balls. 

They were so excited to choose the designs this morning. These bags are not cheap so I only use them when they go for school excursion. Love these bags not only because they are so cute but the design enable my kids to eat the food without touching the food at all. Clean! 

They took the blue elephant and brown bear today. I am only left with 2 more bags for their next excursion. 

Don't you agree that the bags are super duper cute?

Happy Friday! 

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