Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Friday, 13 March 2015

Silly Smily Cat Sandwich Tutorial

I decided to share this to show that you can actually make a sandwich from a simple cute image that you come across in your daily life. I saw a picture of this cute lovable soft toy and decided to make it into a sandwich for the kids. All I need are my usual tools : mental ring mold, a pair of sharp scissors and a pair of tweezer.
Start by drawing the picture on a piece of paper using the mental ring mold as a guide for the size of the sandwich. This gives an estimate on the size of the features of the cat. 

Step 1 : Use a mental ring to cut the bread (any type of filling you like). 

Step 2 : Cut the shape of the mouth on a piece of white cheese.  If you are unsure how to do it, simply cut your drawing and place the mouth on top of the cheese slice(with the plastic covering still intact) and make a outline on the cheese using a toothpick. Proceed to cut the cheese into the shape required. Use a pair of scissors to cut some dried seaweed for the outline of the mouth, eyes and whiskers. I did all the cutting the night before and kept them in the sandwich box. The cheese went to the fridge of course!

Step 3 : Cut out the shape of the ears for the cat using the scissors. 'Glue' the cheese to the bread by putting some jam on the bread.

Step 4 : Dab some of mayonnaise on the dried seaweed and 'paste' the eyes and whiskers to the bread. I didn't bother to stick the ears and simply put it in a box that fits nicely. You can also choose use more jam to 'stick' the ears.

And it is completed! 

I must say it is easy to put together as long as the preparation work is done the day before. I have roughly 40mins to get everything done in the morning. Everything includes getting myself and the kids ready. 

Practice makes perfect!


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