Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween Sandwich - Ghost House 2017

Today is the last day of Halloween. I have been making Halloween sandwiches but didn't post them on the blog. What I did was pretty simple.

I did some seaweed cutting of a ghost house on a piece of cheddar cheese. i did this the night before ad simply placed it on the bread the following morning.

I only used 3 tools for this sandwich design. A pair of scissor, a old medicine bottle cap and a pair of tweezers. Using a old medicine bottle cap to cut the white cheese, it is a full moon with bats flying around!

The other item in the box that I want to share is the dead man's fingers. I cut away some part of the hot dog to make it look like finger nails. I also did some cuts on the hot dog to resemble the wrinkles on the fingers. Add the hot dog to boiling water for a while and you get really gruesome severed fingers. Add some tomato sauce to the fingers to level up on the horror!

A close up look at the severed fingers!

The final product!

Happy Halloween!!!

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