Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Rabbit Sandwich 2017 Tutorial (Level : Difficult)

When it comes to cutting seaweed for sandwiches, I will always put the level as difficult because it requires a lot of patience and care. The seaweed will be thin and flimsy, easily breakable at times and you need to be careful when handling the cut out seaweed pieces.

Tools Required -
1. A pair of sharp scissors
2. A pair of tweezers
3. A small straw
4. A butter knife

Ingredients Needed -
1. Two slices of bread
2. Breading filling of choice ( ham & cheese for this tutorial)
3. Dried seaweed
4. A dab of strawberry jam
I always make the sandwiches using the same method. Find a picture, draw the picture on a piece of paper and cut out it. For this sandwich, I used the cut out as a guide to cut my bread to the same shape. You can use the scissors or the knife to cut out the shape, whichever more comfortable to you). After that I used the dried seaweed and painstaking cut out the seaweed to form the outline of the rabbit, including the eyes and nose. I was so busy cutting and placing the seaweed that I forgot to take any pictures. My bad!
As shown in the picture, I used the straw (in red) to make the round dot on the rabbit's eyes.  
Finding the cheese was too thick, I cut it into halves and placed it on the rabbit's eyes.

Once you are done, you should get something like that.

As the bottom slice of bread need not be so precise in shape, it was only a very rough outline and you couldn't even see the bunny shape. Just need to use scissor or the knife to trim the bread to get the shape.
Place the ham and cheese between the bread and trim away the excess like what you did for the bottom slice of bread.
Pointers to Note : I do not like to throw away food so I put the excess bits back into the sandwich

I added some cheek colors to the rabbit using some strawberry jam. You can use the butter knife to do it but I used a chopstick to dab the 'blusher' on the rabbit instead.
I have added two quail eggs, sauce and some fruits to the box.
This should be your completed work!
Have a great day ahead!

Rabbit Sandwich 2017

I didn't make sandwiches since the start of school this year and is getting abit rusty. I have started on a part time job and need to spread out my time but nothing can be or should be more important than the well-being of my children. They were sick some weeks ago and lost some weight. I really need to pump them up with food.

I volunteered to let them choose a design from my sketchbook and the elder one chose a rabbit. She is going crazy over rabbits these days but I really cannot let her keep a real bunny at home. Well, a bunny sandwich is the least I can do.

I made their favorite ham and cheese sandwich yesterday and filled the box with quail eggs and fruits.
It is quite tedious to prepare the sandwich as I have not been touching my bento tools for months. The kids were so happy that I am making sandwiches for them again and their friends gathered around them to admire their sandwich during recess. Well, anything to make my kids happy.

I will share the tutorial for this sandwich in the next post.
Happy weekend, everyone!