Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Sandwich Tutorial (Level: Easy)

Mid-Autumn festival this coming!!! Counting down to 27th September 2015. I have decided to make a super easy sandwich or the kids today to celebrate the festival.

This is a really simple sandwich to make but you need to have the mooncake mold to start with.

Stuff Required -
1. Three slices of wholemeal bread (one must be totally brown, usually the top and bottom of the loaf) 
2.  Filling of your choice
3. Mooncake mold
4. Circular bread cutter (optional)

Step 1 : Cut out the circles on the three slices of bread and apply jam or fillings. Be careful not to apply to the edges. It is easier to work with the bread cutter but the mooncake mold works the same.
Step 2 : Use the plate mold of the moon cake mold and press hard on the brown bread.
Step 3 : Stack them up and you will get your mooncake sandwich as shown in the picture.

Half a dozen of small rabbit quail eggs to go along. Just cut the shapes on dried seaweed or use a seaweed puncher if you have. It is quite difficult to cut small round eyes by hand so a seaweed puncher will save you a lot of time. 

Dab some mayonaise on the seaweed to 'stick' to the eggs. And you will have cute bunny eggs as shown in the picture below.
I didn't prepare any fruits for the kids today so I added a packet of nuts. The sandwich really does look like a real moon cake, doesn't it? :)
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Halloween Sandwich

One week of school holidays is over.
I finally get down to making a sandwich for the kids today. The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival is over so now I am making Halloween sandwiches. I do not celebrate Halloween but love making creepy sandwiches. Ha…
There is a limit to the ideas for hotdog buns compared to slices of bread that I can cut and design as desired. I decided to turn the hotdog bun into a coffin with the headstone and wanted something simple and easy. However, I ended up spending quite some time on making the RIP sign and cutting the seaweed for cobwebs. Arghhhh….

The ghost was a last minute addition in the morning since I have the ghost cutter. I added some stickers to create a jelly monster. Quite a lot of food today in the box. 3 quail eggs, a packet of nuts, a jelly and a candy.

Can't wait to create more ghostly sandwiches!

Happy Halloween!