Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Tombstone Sandwich 2014

This is a sandwich I made for last year Halloween. It is a relatively simple sandwich to make because you will only need a ghost cookie cutter. The grave is actually 2 slices of bread and you just need to cut out a rectangle and do away with the corners. Using alphabet cutters, I form the words R.I.P on the 'grave'. You can do it without the cutters too! Just use a toothpick and draw on the cheese. I cut seaweed for the face of the ghost and there are eyeballs made of bread in the box too! Using cling wrap to wrap the round bread, I added stickers to it. It is really up to your imagination on how you want the eyeballs to appear. 

I could not resist buying the orange Halloween design bags from my favorite shop (and I still have the bags today). I add funny eyes stickers to the marshmallow and jelly. Not to mention some candies too! What is Halloween without candies for kids, right? :) 

The overall recess pack look spooky enough? :)
Happy Halloween!

Halloween Mummy Sandwich 2013

I dug out old photographs on my phone and found the Halloween sandwiches I made for my kids in 2013. 2 years ago….

Forgive me for the blurry picture. This sandwich has been made using the same mental ring. I covered the bread with strips of cheese and applied some strawberry jam as blood on the mummy. Using a piece of dried seaweed and some marshmallow for the eyes of the mummy and the dangling spider. 

The fat spider below is made from bread and using noodle crackers for the legs. I used chopsticks to poke the eyes. Simple right?
These spiders and spooky heads followed my kids to a picnic. 
They finished all the food without saying. 
Happy Halloween, people!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Halloween Sandwich Tutorial (Level : Easy)

This is a easy tutorial on how to make skull sandwich for Halloween. It is super easy and can be done in minutes. No need to sweat a bucket!

Tools Required :
1. A pair of scissors
2. A pair of tweezers
3. A mental ring cutter
4. A small round cap
5. Strawberry jam
6. Dried seaweed
Step 1 : Using the circle mental ring, cut 2 slices of bread into 2 big circles.
Step 2 : Using the small round cap, cut out 2 eyes on the bread and use the scissors to create nostrils on the bread.
Step 3 : Spread the jam on the 2nd piece of bread and complete the sandwich.
Step 4 : Using the scissors, cut the seaweed into thin strips and form the mouth. Using the strawberry jam as 'glue' to stick the seaweed to the bread, apply to bread with the help of the tweezers.

And you will have your Halloween skull sandwich! Simple!
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Halloween Sandwich again

Halloween is coming and I get my chance to make creepy sandwiches again!
The kids had to stay back quite late today so I packed more food for their recess cum lunchbox. A skull strawberry jam sandwich, a Frankenstein slice of panda cake, bloody hotdog human fingers, an egg and some fruits.  

The skull sandwich is very simple to make and I will share the steps in another post. 

I used permanent marker to draw on their milk bottles after removing the labels. 

Ta-da! Their spooky Halloween sandwich set! 
Happy Halloween!