Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Monster Croissant

I didn't make any sandwiches since last Tuesday because my little one fell sick and skipped school. Finally made a monster sandwich croissant for the kids this morning and it was huge!!! It filled up the whole sandwich box and I couldn't even fit any fruits in. 

The croissants were on offer in the supermarket (that's why the auntie me bought them). Anyway, it was in a bundle of 3 so I only made 3 sandwiches, two for the kids and one for their Daddy. I added lots of lettuces, 2 slices of shaved ham and a slice of cheese.

Their daddy commented that there was too much vegetables in his sandwich so I was thinking the kids would be complaining about their greedy mummy trying to stash all the vegetables into their sandwiches. Surprisingly, they told me they ate the whole sandwich and it was yummy! *Phew!*

I used 4 round stickers and drew on the stickers to create the eyes and stick them to the toothpicks. The 'eyes' on the sandwiches helped to hold the ingredients in. You know how messy kids can be, right?

Simple solution! :)