Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Monkey Sandwiches for my Little Monkeys

My kids are staying back in school today so I needed to make sandwiches to fill their tummies. I saw a cute monkey from my sketch book and drew the picture on a piece of white paper. After that, I cut out the face as measurement for the sandwiches. 

I bend my round mental ring into an oval shape and used it to cut the cheese and bread. I also used a round cutter to cut another slice of cheese and the ears of the monkeys. Dried seaweed is used for the facial expression. 
I ran out of bread so I decided to use the crust to make one of the sandwiches. The darker tone is more outstanding but I think they are equally cute. Can you see the difference in color?
As it is going to be a long day, I added a jelly, a small pack of mixed nuts, an egg and a candy for them to last the day.
Can you guess where I got the picture of the monkey? Hint: It is a picture from a branded baby toy retailer. :)

Happy Thursday! Happy MONKEYING around!