Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Rabbit Sandwich 2017

I didn't make sandwiches since the start of school this year and is getting abit rusty. I have started on a part time job and need to spread out my time but nothing can be or should be more important than the well-being of my children. They were sick some weeks ago and lost some weight. I really need to pump them up with food.

I volunteered to let them choose a design from my sketchbook and the elder one chose a rabbit. She is going crazy over rabbits these days but I really cannot let her keep a real bunny at home. Well, a bunny sandwich is the least I can do.

I made their favorite ham and cheese sandwich yesterday and filled the box with quail eggs and fruits.
It is quite tedious to prepare the sandwich as I have not been touching my bento tools for months. The kids were so happy that I am making sandwiches for them again and their friends gathered around them to admire their sandwich during recess. Well, anything to make my kids happy.

I will share the tutorial for this sandwich in the next post.
Happy weekend, everyone!

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