Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chibi Maruko-chan 樱桃小丸子 Sandwich Tutorial (Level: Moderate)

My kids were staying back today so I had to make them some food to bring along. The kids didn't provide any suggestions for their sandwiches and I was pretty clueless too!

As I was preparing all the snacks for the box last night, I came across a Japanese girl on the pack of marshmallow. And she is Chibi Maruko-Chan. I made the sandwich using the picture on the marshmallow.
I am sure this cartoon character has a name but I really do not know her and the packaging is all in Japanese words! Thanks to a friend,  she solved the mystery for me. Her name is Chibi Maruko-Chan 樱桃小丸子!

Sandwich Tutorial :

Stuff Required:
1. Piece of white paper
2. Round mental ring cutter
3. A pair of scissors

Ingredients :
1. Two slices of bread
2. Bread filling of your choice
3. Red strawberry jam
4. Dried seaweed
5. A slice of cheese
6. Bow foodpick
7. Red candy strip(optional)

Step 1 : Draw a round circle using the metal ring cutter and sketch the girl's face on the paper. 
Step 2 : Cut out the hair on the paper(as shown in picture) using a pair of scissors. Using the cut out 'hair', placed it on top of a piece of seaweed and cut out the shape accordingly. As I was using a small piece of seaweed, I had to join the seaweed together to form the hair. 
Step 3: Cut the cheese with the mental ring cutter.
Step 4 : Place the seaweed to form the hair on the cheese slice.

You can do the same for the eyes but I was lazy to cut the paper so I cut a circle and compare the size against my drawing.

Step 5: Cut out seaweed to form the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. The small white dots in the eyes are formed using cheese. You just need a very thin straw to cut it.

Step 6 : Use some red candy to form the mouth or dap the mouth using strawberry jam.

I only add the blusher (strawberry jam) to the cheese in the morning as I need to keep the cheese covered in the fridge.

The cheese is completed.

Step 7 : Cut the bread(with filling) with the mental ring cutter and place the cheese on top of the sandwich.

The two sandwich set comes with quail eggs, strawberries and a packet of marshmallow.

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