Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Monday, 4 May 2015

What Animal Is This?

Start of a new month and exam is here soon. Stress…Stress….Stress….

The kids wanted a bunny sandwich AGAIN but I thought otherwise. I saw a really cute picture of a raccoon on a baby toy and decided to make it into a sandwich. I drew the picture on a piece of paper and cut out the seaweed on the cheese. I gathered all my round and circular molds to create the raccoon eyes and nose on the cheese. Took me awhile to cut the seaweed and I was wondering if the final product would turn out cute.

As usual, I used my trusty round mental ring again cut the bread that was filled with peanut butter jam.

I personally find it very adorable. However, my kids didn't know what the animal was. One thought it was a panda and the other said it was a bear wearing eye mask. *sweat*

I told them it is supposed to be a raccoon!!!

This sandwich is definitely not Kung Fu Panda wannabe, ok! It is a RACCOON!
It gives me the inspiration to make a panda sandwich for the kids next time.
Raccoons or bears, they are just adorable!

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