Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Friday, 31 July 2015

Easy Rabbit Sandwich Tutorial

I have prepared buns from bakery for my kids to bring to school today but they wanted me to make them a sandwich. I have been buying buns quite often this month because of a flu bug(a lazy bug is more likely...hehehe...). So I decided to make a easy sandwich for them today.

Stuff required to make the bunny sandwich:
2.Bread filling of your choice
3.Colored paper
6.Dried seaweed
7.Strawberry jam
Can your spot the differences?


1. To make the rabbit ears, cut colored paper and stick it to toothpicks using double sided tape.

2. Using a bubble tea straw, make a small circle for the rabbit nose.

3. Cut seaweed to form the eyes and nose of the rabbit. 

4. Apply blusher to the sandwich using a dab of strawberry jam.

And that's all your need to do.

I bought a cute egg case and put the egg inside. Complete with sauce, packet nuts, a candy and also a packet of milk for recess.

It's Friday! And it's the last day of the month!!! Hurray!!!

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