Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Panda…Today is a Panda Sandwich

I made a Panda sandwich today. I didn't intend to make any sandwich for them today but they requested for it so the lazy me took out the cutter(as usual). No Kungfu Panda, but still a panda using a bread cutter. 

I used Nutella chocolate filling for the bread and the face for the panda. It looked quite plain without any chocolate on the face so I painstakingly used some toothpicks to apply the chocolate to the face. Looked much better and more like a panda with all the chocolate on the face.
I didn't add any fruits to the box this week as I didn't have any suitable fruits for them to bring. I must must must remember to buy fruits tomorrow!

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