Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Super Easy DIY Foodpicks Tutorial

I made a few heart-shaped foodpicks for my kids sandwich box yesterday. They are super easy to make and thought I should share the idea of making simple disposible foodpicks.

STUFF REQUIRED (all shown in the picture below) :
1. Colored paper of your choice (IMPORTANT NOTE : do not use those colored paper that color will run after contact with moisture!)
2. A pair of scissors
3. Double sided tape
4. Toothpicks

*Tip : You could also use those leftover free wrapping paper from the shopping malls instead of buying colored paper! Just make sure it's clean :)
STEPS : Cut out a rectangle and fold into half. Paste the double sided tape to one of the square(blank side) and insert the toothpick in the middle of the square. Fold the other side of the paper to stick on the tape and you will get a square. Cut into heart-shapes as shown in picture.
And you are done! In this case, I used the heart-shaped foodpicks as fishtails in my kids' sandwich box. 
There is no limit on the shape, colors and size for the DIY foodpicks. It really added colors to the sandwich box since I do not use artificial food coloring for my kids' food.

Let your creative juice flow! Try it out!

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