Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tsum Tsum I Love You

A friend posting a picture of Tsum Tusm fair on FB and the cute characters have caught my eyes. My kids have downloaded the game and so I decided to make a Tsum Tsum character egg mayonnaise sandwich for them today. Donald Duck is much easier without the fake eyelashes but I cannot think of any blue edible stuff to make a Donald Duck's signature blue hat.

Below is the BEFORE and AFTER look for Daisy Duck. Adding 'makeup' such as fake eyelashes and blusher for the sandwich. Which look do you prefer? The natural look or the made up one? Hahaha….

The duckies sandwich for the day. I have some pieces of mini chocolate buns left so I decided to put it into their sandwich box as well. Included grapes and some of their favorite cookies too! They have reminded me NOT to add an egg to the box today. It's egg mayo sandwich so enough of eggs for the day!

My kids came home and told me that their BFF loves the Miffy sandwich I made for them yesterday. So I made a Miffy for their BFF today. I have informed the mother in advance (incase her girl is allergic to eggs) but the mum preferred a peanut butter sandwich for her kiddo. Anyway, below is the sandwiches for today!

Hope my kiddos find that their sandwich resembles their Tsum Tsum character! :)

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