Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Tombstone Sandwich 2014

This is a sandwich I made for last year Halloween. It is a relatively simple sandwich to make because you will only need a ghost cookie cutter. The grave is actually 2 slices of bread and you just need to cut out a rectangle and do away with the corners. Using alphabet cutters, I form the words R.I.P on the 'grave'. You can do it without the cutters too! Just use a toothpick and draw on the cheese. I cut seaweed for the face of the ghost and there are eyeballs made of bread in the box too! Using cling wrap to wrap the round bread, I added stickers to it. It is really up to your imagination on how you want the eyeballs to appear. 

I could not resist buying the orange Halloween design bags from my favorite shop (and I still have the bags today). I add funny eyes stickers to the marshmallow and jelly. Not to mention some candies too! What is Halloween without candies for kids, right? :) 

The overall recess pack look spooky enough? :)
Happy Halloween!

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