Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Friday, 14 August 2015

Rabbit Sandwich

I made this rabbit sandwich for the kids yesterday but didn't have time to post. Feeling lazy, I used a rabbit mold and didn't feel like cutting any seaweed. I used the Nutella chocolate instead. After using a toothpick and painstakingly putting the chocolate to form the face, I gave up halfway and switched to my seaweed puncher which was so much faster. Unfortunately, my faulty puncher refused to cooperate with me the morning. So I had to continue with the chocolate until the task was completed. :( 

 I filled the bread with peanut butter and added a color bow to the sandwich.  Not forgetting to add blusher to the rabbit cheeks using strawberry jam to make them more adorable!
The sides include a jelly, an egg with sauce and some cherries. I used some rabbit stickers on the jelly to add more colors to the box.

I am not a cat or dog person but a rabbit person. I love rabbits! The sandwiches were just too adorable. I don't think I want to eat the sandwiches if I make them for myself. Hahaha…. 

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