Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Little Pony - Kids' Latest Craze

June holiday is finally over!!!  I was feeling lazy to make sandwiches yesterday but I got my act together last night. A long break may not be a good thing, haha…

One of my kids' favorite cartoon now is My Little Pony. I wanted to make a pony sandwich for them because I managed to dig out a pony cutter from the cupboard.

I googled and saw the picture of a yellow pony with pink mane call Fluttershy but I didn't have the necessary color for the mane. When my kids knew that I wanted to give Fluttershy a color change, they gave me an earful last night, explaining the different characters and the colors to the extent that they wanted me to make the sandwich WHEN I have the correct color for the mane. Gosh! 

Anyway, I decided to proceed despite their objections. 

I used peanut butter jam for the filling and a layer of cheese on top to create the pony. The mane is made up of colorful strips of candy and I painstaking cut the eyes using dried seaweed and added blue to the pony's eye(in order to pacify my kids for the change in mane color).

Anyway, I told them I will buy the pink strawberry flavored candy if I am ever making this again. It is very time consuming as I took half an hour to prep the cheese.
Their sandwich boxes are filled with candies today and not something I am very proud of. I even add star gummy because I really do not have anything else to add into the box. I have instructed them to share the biscuits and candies with their friends. They love it! Because it is filled with candies to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Time for me to do some grocery shopping!

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