Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Monday, 18 May 2015

Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse Sandwich

Finally exam week is over and life gets back to norm. I only made a sandwich last week and did offer to make a Mickey Mouse sandwich for them. They wanted a Minnie Mouse sandwich instead but asked me to do it after exam. When probed, they said I already woke up early the day before to make Miffy the Rabbit sandwich for them so I must be feeling tired. How sweet! Feel the love! :)
Mickey vs Minnie

Today, I made Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse sandwich as promised. This sandwich took quite some time to make. I used those small rectangle pieces of dried seaweed and not the big pieces meant for sushi roll. Therefore, I needed more time to piece the seaweed together. One ear was made-up of 2 pieces of semi-circle dried seaweed. The differences between Mickey and Minnie were the long eyelashes and the big bow on Minnie's head. 

I added chocolate fillings to the bread and instead of a bow, I gave Minnie a tiara instead(because I did not have the time to make one! Hee…). 
I have to admit that I was too greedy trying to squeeze so much food into the box. The ears were supposed to be placed lower to look more like the character but I was really out of space. I put a jelly with Minnie sticker, an egg and some grapes. I really wish I could squeeze in more grapes for the kids!
Minnie sandwich is too cute to be eaten
They will be bringing food to school everyday this week because they are saving up their pocket money to buy a toy they have been eyeing before exam. They have been bugging me to get it for them some time before the exam but I refused. Can you imagine if I get them the toy before exam? All hell break loose!!! Hahaha….

They are so loved and always get lots of toys on special occasions(birthdays, X'mas etc) and now even the government is giving them a set of Lego toy each(applies to all primary school kids in Singapore)! *sweat* 

Sometimes, I think they do not know how to cherish what they have. I am making them save up for this particular toy, hoping that they will learn to cherish it because they made an effort to save up for it. I shall wait and see!

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