Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Monday, 6 April 2015

Which Bunny is Cuter?

Which one is cuter?
It is so late and I almost forgot to post the sandwich I made today. I made the rabbit cheese last night so that I could just put on the sandwich with no fuss the following morning. 

Using a mould to cut the shape of the rabbit, I used white cheese for the nose. There were two different expression for the same rabbit. 

There is a new bottle of crispy chocolate jam and the kids loved it! I cut away the sides of the bread and add the jam to the bread, slap on the rabbit cheese and off they went. 
I didn't add a lot of colors to the box today and totally forgot that Easter is over! I kept telling my kids to bring the chocolate Easter eggs to share with their friends this coming Friday! Gosh! I will make sure they bring tomorrow to share instead!
Their sandwich box is completed with quail eggs(if not where do I get an empty quail egg case for my previous post on the DIY Easter gift?) soaked in dark soy sauce and fruits.

I could have added more colors to the box using color food dividers or more colorful fruits. Just getting lazy.

Shall do a better job tomorrow! Hee….

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