Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!!!*bleat*

Count down to Chinese New Year(CNY)!!! 8 days away!!! Gosh! I have so much to do!

I saw some really cute pictures of sheep on a tee and made a sketch in my book. Decided to make it into a sandwich for the kids today since CNY is coming. I made some changes to the picture as it looked quite empty on the bread. I added pork floss to the sheep to give some 'volume' to the sheep's fur.

My kids' reaction was "Yesterday was Valentines Day sandwich, today CNY sandwich. What are you going to make tomorrow har? Xmas?!" *sweat*

Well, well, well, tomorrow I may not be making sandwich because I will be busy making pineapple tarts. *sheepish smile*
Peanut butter sandwich with an egg and fruits for today
Anyway, today's sandwich is filled with peanut butter and I also used peanut butter on the forehead of the sheep to make the pork floss stick to bread. The face and horns are cheese and the cheeks are dotted with strawberry jam. I have some small small tiny puny oranges and I arranged it like a flower and added a grape in the middle. 

The Chinese character for Goat '羊' on the egg was a last minute inspiration from the CNY decorations on the wall. That explains the messy cutting of the seaweed. Almost didn't have time to take pictures because of it.


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