Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Seal Sandwich Tutorial - Easy

It has been almost 2 months since I made this seal sandwich for the kids. Finally, I get to sit down and share the tutorial on this.

To make the seal sandwich, you will need the following :

Tools -
1. A pair of tweezers
2. Teddy bear sandwich mold
3. Round bottle cap
4. Seaweed puncher or a pair of scissors

Ingredients for a seal sandwich -
1. 3 slices of bread
2. Dried seaweed
3. A slice of cheese
4. Strawberry jam

I used a teddy bear sandwich mold for this seal sandwich as shown in picture below.

Using the ears of the teddy bear mold, I pressed out 2 circles of bread for the fin of the seal. You can use any other round shaped cutter available at home, such as a medicine bottle cap (the pink cap I use to cut the cheese for this tutorial). 

Using a slice of cheddar cheese, I cut the nose of the seal with a medicine bottle cap 

I used a seaweed puncher for this but you can cut out the same shape using a pair of sharp scissor. The seaweed puncher is not a must to have but it does save you a lot of time. 
Lastly, apply blusher the the seals using strawberry jam as shown in the picture. 
Ta-dah! The sandwich is completed. 

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