Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Mother Hen and BB Chick

I made a Mother Hen and BB Chick sandwich today. The kids are having lunch in school today so I made more bread for them to bring along. I have instructed them to buy fruits in school as I didn't want to make their bags any heavier. 

Red VS Pink
How to make the sandwich : 

The sandwich is super easy to make. I filled it with peanut butter grape jam. I kept some corn niblets from last night dinner to make the beak. You can cut a triangle piece of cheese as the 'beak' if you do not have corn niblets. As usual, using my reliable mental ring to cut the bread, cut two small round bits of dried seaweed using scissors as the 'eyes', added abit of strawberry jam as blusher and it's done! 

I used some colored food picks I bought from Daiso Singapore to brighten up the sandwich. Food picks such as ribbons, bows or even a crown can be used to glam up your sandwich. 

Simple! Isn't it? :)

I also have eggs in a nest as a snack today. The nest is made up of some crispy noodle snacks. There are 3 quail eggs that I soaked slightly in dark soy sauce. The sauce colored the eggs and give taste to the eggs. I don't have to put a sauce container into the box (one less thing to wash! Yes!!!).

Happy Thursday!!!

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