Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Monday, 26 January 2015

Miffy Lookalike

MONDAY!!! *yawn*…The kids love Miffy Rabbit so I decided to make it into a sandwich. This is a super easy sandwich to make. I used a rabbit sandwich mold today but the same sandwich can be made without a rabbit mold. Life easier with a mold but you can still come up with the same cute sandwich without it. I will share with you how to make a sandwich with some simple items available in the kitchen in the next post.

I used a scissor to cut out the 'X' mouth and seaweed puncher for the eyes. You can survive without those seaweed punchers by cutting out your own shapes using a pair of sharp scissor. Just need more time that's all.

Peanut Butter Sandwich + Egg + Apple + Cookies
Miffy Lookalike

I made a Miffy Rabbit using rice in 2013 (picture below). When I first started preparing food for my children in 2013, I made rice bento for them to bring to school for lunch.  However, the rice would be cold by lunch time and they were not able to heat up the food. 

I have tried several methods but decided to focus on sandwiches instead. They used to buy a simple sandwich for recess(made up of a single slice of bread and half a slice of cheese) and that's it! With the cute sandwich lunchbox, I will always pack 2 slices of bread, throw in an egg at times, some fruits to go along and not to mention a small bottle of milk for picky eaters. I hope my 2 skinny monkeys can gain more weight over time.

Miffy Rice Bento

I have also used a rabbit egg mold today and it looks pretty good(picture below). Added seaweed for the eyes and nose (not really necessary) because I have some extra seaweed on hand. If the egg is slightly bigger than the mold, there will be some bits squashed flat by the mold. Just trim it off with scissor and it will look prefect.

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