Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Monday, 2 February 2015

1st Sandwich for Feb 2015 - Hello Kitty


Busy making pineapple paste over the weekend and more to come. Chinese New Year is coming but that doesn't mean my kids don't get their sandwich for school. Maybe less often for the coming weeks?Hee…

Made a Hello Kitty(HK) sandwich today. I wanted to make a more complicated sandwich but gave up after completing the drawings. I was too tired last night. Needed to watch the fire for the pineapple paste while designing the sandwich. A burnt paste will send my 4hours of effort down the drain. So I decided to use the HK mold and make my life easier. I used a HK mold to make the shape of the sandwich, added a small piece of cheese for the nose and dried seaweed for the eyes and whiskers, not forgetting HK's iconic red bow(made using a drinking straw). HK looks abit tan today because wholemeal bread was used instead of white bread. 

Hello Kitty sandwich
My 'customer' wasn't exactly very pleased when she saw the HK sandwich. Her first reaction was "Hello Kitty again!" Maybe I have been relying on this mold too often when I needed more time for other stuff. Hahaha…
The sandwiches for my 2 kids

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