Food for the kiddos

Food for the kiddos

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pompompurin Tutorial Step-By-Step (Intermediate Level)

As promised, I am going to share the tutorial on how to make the Pompompurin on the slice of cheese using dried seaweed. I thought it would look nicer if I cut the bread into a circular shape and add decoration around the rim, thus 'framing' up the picture. Anyway, I was feeling sleepy and just stick to making the picture on the cheese. Hehehe….

You do not need a lot of stuff to make this but there are a lot of cutting, estimation and drawing/tracing required for this tutorial. Therefore, I categorized it under Intermediate Level instead of Easy Level. Time needed for this will depend on how fast you work. I took more than 20 minutes because I was making 2 Pompompurin.

List of Stuff Needed -
1. A pair of sharp scissors
2. A slice of cheese
3. Dried seaweed
4. A slice of bread
5. A piece of white paper/tracing paper/baking paper
6. A pair of tweezers
I surfed the net and found an easy picture that I could trace/draw on a white piece of paper. I outlined the size of the cheese slice on the paper so that I know exactly how big the picture would appear on the cheese. 

1. Draw/trace the picture on a piece of paper
2. Cut out the hat of Pompompurin from the paper and use it to cut the shape of the seaweed.
3. Place the 'hat' on the cheese slice as shown in the picture. 

4. Use a seaweed puncher to punch out the nose, eyes and mouth. Place it on the cheese in accordance to the picture you drew using the tweezers.

I punch out the eyes and nose as I was too lazy to cut free hand. I find it very difficult to cut a perfect circle especially super small ones. I used the eyebrow of the puncher to create the mouth of Pompompurin. It could be done without the puncher of course, but why torture myself when I could have the easy way out. Ha…
5. There is no way I could punch out the ear that is like a 'J' using the puncher. I had to use the scissors and cut it out on the seaweed. Use 2 pieces of seaweed and cut out the 'J' together. This will ensure that you have 2 symmetrical ears of Pompompurin and save you the hassle of cutting one by one.

There is a lot of agar-ration when making this picture. You can also place the piece of paper over the chefs to ensure the seaweed is placed correctly. However, please be mindful not to let the paper touch the food. After all, no one likes contaminated food.

Happy Pompompurin!!!


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